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      An ever-increasing interest in perioral rejuvenation with dermal fillers reflects the aesthetic importance of this region. However, filler injections in the lips and perioral area have been associated with various complications. Such complications are classified according to severity (mild, moderate, severe) or by the time of onset: immediate (within 24 hours after injection), early (24 hours to 4 weeks post-procedure), and late or delayed (>4 weeks after injection). While most complications are mild and manageable, vascular compromise, infections, and the development of delayed-onset nodules may significantly undermine the ultimate aesthetic outcome and cause substantial morbidity. These more serious complications often require more invasive treatment modalities. This article details the prevention and management of such adverse events and discusses safe filler injection principles, including safety recommendations for the lips. Lastly, we highlight the use of ultrasound guidance in complication prevention (vascular mapping, filler identification, location, and extent), assessment (identification of intra-vascular embolus or external vascular compression by the filler implant), and management (real-time imaging of hyaluronidase or other drug injection in the affected area). Aesthetic practitioners should be versed in injection anatomy and the prevention, recognition, and management of filler complications in the perioral area.


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