Comparison of postoperative recurrence rates between levator aponeurosis advancement and external Müller's muscle tucking for acquired blepharoptosis

Published:April 23, 2021DOI:


      Treatment options for acquired blepharoptosis include levator resection, levator aponeurosis advancement (LAA), Müller's muscle-conjunctival resection (MMCR), and frontalis suspension. Previously, we reported a technique called external Müller's muscle tucking (EMMT) using the Müller's muscle as a power source. In this study, we compare LAA with EMMT and evaluate the recurrence and reoperation rates. LAA was performed on 96 eyelids in 51 patients. The average follow-up period was 12.2 months, recurrence occurred in four eyelids (4.2%) of three patients, and reoperation was required in one eyelid of one patient (2.0%). EMMT was performed on 94 eyelids in 51 patients, the mean follow-up period was 10.5 months, recurrence occurred in 14 eyelids (15%) of 10 patients, and reoperation was required in three eyelids of two patients (3.9%). A comparison of LAA and EMMT recurrence showed that EMMT was associated with a significantly higher recurrence rate (P = 0.0021). The causes of EMMT recurrence included thinning and fatty degeneration of Müller's muscles, necrosis of ligated Müller's muscles, and less postoperative scar formation. There was no correlation between EMMT recurrence and the severity of the blepharoptosis.


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