Review Article| Volume 40, ISSUE 5, P472-477, September 1987

A review of nasolabial flaps for intra-oral defects

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      The nasolabial flap has been used in 23 patients for reconstruction of moderate size intraoral oral defects. Versatility in design of the flap is allowed by the numerous blood vessels supplying the nasolabial skin. Flap vascularity was reliable, there being no cases of total loss and three cases (12%) of partial necrosis. Recurrence of tumour occurred in 8.7% of cases and in those operated in the first instance for recurrence, there was no further local disease. There were minor problems of intra-oral hair growth, donor site distortion and obstructive sialadenopathy. However, because of its simple elevation, proximity to the defect and versatility, we believe that the nasolabial skin flap is a useful procedure for closure of selected intra-oral defects.


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