Research Article| Volume 40, ISSUE 5, P459-466, September 1987

The action of piracetam in ischaemic flaps

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      The effects of piracetam on skin flap viability, capillary blood flow and temperature were studied in abdominal cutaneous flaps in rats.
      The drug significantly increased the viability of the distal (random) portion of the flap and this response was dose-related. Compared with controls, the area of skin necrosis was 12.4% less in the piracetam-treated animals and extended necrosis was not observed.
      Piracetam appeared to act by increasing the capillary blood flow, mainly in the distal portion of the flap.
      The improved perfusion was reflected as a smaller drop in the recorded temperature compared with controls.
      Blood levels of this drug in animals receiving the maximum effective dose corresponded to the active drug concentration in human rheology.


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