Research Article| Volume 23, P248-253, 1970

The origami cleft lip

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      Studying Origami paper patterns of the cleft-lip nose complex, we would like to make the following observations:
      • 1.
        There is very little difference between the perimeter of the nostril of the cleft and the non-cleft side. By pulling on the cleft side, thus widening the cleft, we notice that the slack is taken up by the acuteness of the columella side.
      • 2.
        There is an apparent triangular defect in the lower portion of the columella border of the cleft. This is in concurrence with the observation made by Blair and Brown and later by Brown and McDowell. There is also an “excess” triangular-shaped area bordering the cleft side of the lip. This area is rightly utilised in the triangular flap repair (Tennison, Tennison-Randall operation).
      • 3.
        The ala, together with its hair-bearing skin on the cleft side, appears to be stretched but we notice that this spontaneously corrects itself after the lip repair.