Research Article| Volume 23, P142-149, 1970

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A critical appraisal of the Abbe flap in secondary cleft lip deformity

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      A second look has been taken at the Abbe flap as used in 50 patients with postcleft-lip deformities. In reviewing operative revisions following Abbe flap placement in these instances, it is obvious that full-face view improvement is more difficult than that of profile view. The most common problems with the use of the flap were : notching at the flap-lip junctures, redundant vermilion, upper and lower lip scars and an overlong flap.
      A majority of the problems have been associated with asymmetrical lateral placement which draws attention to the most minor irregularity. Many difficulties would be eliminated if all flaps could be placed centrally. This however is not always feasible, and certainly, many laterally placed flaps have been satisfactory.
      The techniques of revision have been presented and suggestions made for improving the primary procedures.


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