Research Article| Volume 23, P8-25, 1970

Primary treatment of naso-ethmoid injuries with increased intercanthal distance

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      This paper presents results of primary treatment of eight patients with naso-ethmoid injury and an associated traumatic pseudohypertelorism.
      A strong plea is made for an open exploration to establish diagnosis and an appropriate line of treatment. The results in the eight cases reported show that normal intercanthal distance with satisfactory nasal centralisation and minimal incidence of epiphora can be achieved using this approach. In severe cases, some loss of nasal profile occurred, but this could easily be corrected either by autogenous dermis or bone implant. The problem of nasal septum remains. Almost all cases have residual mild to moderate degree of airway obstruction. Centralisation of cartilaginous nasal bridge-line is difficult and not always successful.
      It is felt that this approach to severe naso-ethmoid injuries as contrasted with blind percutaneous trans-nasal wires and lateral compression plates results in lower incidence of post-traumatic pseudohypertelorism, decreased incidence of epiphora and satisfactory contouring of the external nose.


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