Research Article| Volume 46, ISSUE 3, P215-222, 1993

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A preliminary report on one stage open tip rhinoplasty at the time of lip repair in bilateral cleft lip and palate: the Alor Setar experience

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      This paper is a preliminary report on a strategy to perform open tip rhinoplasty at the time of lip repair in bilateral cleft lip and palate deformity. This method was devised to suit unique socio-economic circumstances in the Malaysian centre of Alor Setar. Of 8 cases having surgery in 1991, 7 returned for follow-up with results being documented photographically. It is concluded that this aggressive approach is justified in severe bilateral cleft lip and palate deformity because of the cost effectiveness of limiting the number of interventions. Furthermore, it provides optimally orientated nasal tip anatomy and reduces the social stigma of cleft lip nose appearance from the earliest possible time in the child's development.


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