Review Article| Volume 46, ISSUE 1, P1-6, 1993

A morbidity review of children with complete unilateral cleft lip nose at 10 ± 1 years of age

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      A retrospective study of morbidity due to primary radical nasal correction was undertaken on 33 consecutive cases of complete unilateral cleft lip and palate within one year of their 10th birthday. Primary surgery was performed by one surgeon (RWP) using the Alar Leapfrog technique. Morbidity was assessed by the number of manoeuvres required for revisional surgery up to the age of 10 and was derived from the case notes.
      A total of 12 patients required no revision. The number of revisional manoeuvres was 39 in 27 anaesthetic sessions.
      Cleft lip noses treated by a technique of primary radical nasal correction (Alar Leapfrog) required a significant number of secondary manoeuvres to produce an acceptable results. This must be balanced against reduced teasing due to improved symmetry over this period.


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