Research Article| Volume 40, ISSUE 2, P207-212, March 1987

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Morbidity in the forearm flap donor arm

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      A restrospective study was carried out of the morbidity in the donor limb following use of the radial forearm flap in 27 patients. Of the 13 patients whose flaps contained bone, 4 sustained fractures of the radius. This was associated with a 50% loss of power of grip and pinch, and limitation of other movements, particularly pronation and supination. In the other patients little or no loss of power or range of movement was seen. No patient had cold intolerance; a few had areas of sensory loss, related to the radial nerve. Of the 12 patients whose radial arteries were reconstructed, 7 remained patent; no patient had any clinical features of ischaemia. These findings and their implications are discussed.


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