Research Article| Volume 40, ISSUE 4, P410-419, July 1987

Congenital “giant” naevus: a preliminary report of a new surgical approach

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      A new approach to the treatment of congenital “giant” naevi is described, using a curette in thefirst few weeks of life. This attempts to minimise the disadvantages of established methods of treatment. The technique is relatively atraumatic as there appears to be a natural cleavage plane within the dermis removing the pigmentation. Ten patients have been treated with this procedure with a follow-up of 3 months to 5 years; 3 patients have produced poor and unsatisfactory curettings, which has resulted in return of pigmentation. One case developed hypertrophic scarring following a wound infection and delayed healing. The other 6 cases have encouraging appearances although the hairs in some lesions remain. It is too early to say if malignant potential has been removed but perhaps it has been reduced by decreasing the total number of melanocytes and naevus cells.


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